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There is so much to prepare for and so much to know about the community you plan to birth in.  Local trends in birth can affect how you plan for and give birth.   Some trends will play a HUGE part in birth outcomes. Birth Santa Cruz provides information on local birth trends and statistics for women to consider while preparing for some of the most amazing and magnificent work of their birth.
Santa Cruz has a rich history in providing women with birth options and was home to the first birth center in North America. While that birth center is no longer in existence, it served as a model for birth centers and midwifery care across the country and beyond. This article talks in depth about the history of birth and midwifery in Santa Cruz County.
Times have changed, and so has birth in Santa Cruz County.  This site is dedicated to providing fact-based statistics and information--including dispelling common myths and misperceptions about birth--to help women prepare for and give birth in this beautiful community.
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Disclaimer:  The information and the links provided on the website are for educational purposes only. Mothers-to-be are encouraged to obtain relevant information, to discuss their options with their maternity care providers and to make safe and informed choices. We welcome all inquires, but will not suggest any medical course of action.  This site is funded privately. No advertisements are accepted. 
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