What Does Good Care Look Like?
  • Good care is...prenatal visits that allow enough time to ask questions, understand care options, and share concerns. Midwives generally allot one hour per visit.

  • Good care is...your provider taking the time to explain options in prenatal care, labor, and birth.
  • Good care is...the use of technology only when the benefits outweigh the risks.
  • Good care is...a provider who values normal birth and understands that healthy women can give birth without interference, most of the time.
  • Good care is...knowing who will attend your birth. Your care provider follows you from prenatal care to the actual birth to postpartum.  Ask your doctor or midwife how likely it is they will attend your labor and birth.
  • Good care is...quality postpartum care.  You should seek a care provider that offers personalized postpartum care that extends beyond the first few days after your birth.
What Can You Do?
  • Research the statistics of your intended place of birth:
Epidural, Induction & Cesarean Rates.
  • Know that your first birth is the most important time to reduce your risk of having a Cesarean Section.
  • Interview a homebirth midwife.
  • Hire a doula if you give birth in the hospital.
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